Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ex Calvin Klein Model Now VIKINGS Actor Travis Fimmel for Blag Magazine

BLAG's 21st Birthday Edition cover features up and coming actor and ex Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel photographed on location in Ireland by magazine's Sarah J. Edwards. Travis is star of the buzz-gaining History Channel show Vikings. Design, Art Direction and Hand painted titles for BLAG by Sally A. Edwards.

Witness below the transformation of Travis from Calvin Klein poster boy, to a fearless viking. Fimmel is the face behind the revival of Calvin Klein in the early 2000's which enrolled with a string of his CK ads. By hiring Travis the label gained new momentum. While single-handedly responsible for the rise of the fashion advertising machine in the 90s the popular american brand's campaign imagery got back its oomph with casting of the young Aussie model. 'Till this day he can be ranked as one of Calvin Klein's most popular face, alongside greats such as Brooke Shields and Christy Turlington.

Fernando Machado Shoot by Theo Metsis

Brazilian model Fernando Machado building up his portfolio with a recent portrait session beautifully captured in black and white by Theo Metsis. Fernando is represented by Sharm Models in Ukraine, Fresh Look in Shanghai, Ten agency in Brazil, while in India he's with 6th Avenue.

Style Icon: Alex Turner

A good friend once told me that the distinctive fashion darling – more commonly known as Alexa Chung – had no choice but to end her four year relationship with her boyfriend, Alex Turner, due to his incomparable dress sense. Ultimately, it seems, he was beating her to the spotlight.

The English guitarist and frontman of Arctic Monkeys is nothing less than a special, one-of-a-kind musician, whose choice in clothing ranges from leather inspired, indie rock jackets to vintage prep and mod pieces. Alex is just one of very few artists to both rejuvenate and pull off the mop-top hair cut with great ease and confidence. Throughout his music career, the varied usage of guitars and studio recording equipment is paramount and of top quality. Equally, his choice of threads is as parallel and impressive.

If you were to search for ‘Alex Turner fashion’ on Google, you would need both time and patience on your hands. The quantities of ‘in-trend’ and ‘this season’ collections which feature him are beyond any other musical style icons I have previously covered. More than an entire generation of both male and female Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys fans will project their praise and admiration for the young gentlemen’s voice, mannerisms and chic dress sense.

When Arctic Monkeys released their debut album, ‘Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not’, NME Magazine declared the album the ‘5th greatest British album of all time’. This piece of work resulted in the band receiving awards for Best British Band, Best New Band and Best Track. The album’s title represents the classical attitude of a musician who holds confidence and self-belief, a trait many of us (including myself) crave – and lot’s of it.

Men’s Style Icon: Ne-Yo

Singer, songwriter, superstar and self-confident could all be used to describe perennial chart sensation Shaffer Smith or, as he is better known, Ne-Yo. While the above statement could be taken as a little brash, it is generally not too far from the truth as Ne-Yo has often demonstrated time and time again.

Style Evolution: Justin Timberlake

It’s been a stellar couple of years for Mr Timberlake, having successfully reinvented himself from singer to actor following a break from his music career. With starring roles in movies such as The Social Network, Friends with Benefits (playing a rather well-dressed GQ editor) and In Time between 2010-2011, Timberlake’s self-imposed hiatus went astonishingly well, by anyone’s standards.

Having returned from the musical wilderness at the start of the year with the release of his third studio album, The 20/20 Experience, Timberlake is set to follow it up later this year with the highly anticipated second instalment.

This return to music has signalled not only a clear change in sound, but also style. With his music adopting a more suave, soulful and mature approach, his dress sense has followed suit. With a strong sartorial nod to Rat Pack refinement and a little help from Tom Ford, Timberlake has finally cemented his place as a true style icon…

Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2013 Advertising Campaign