Monday, February 6, 2012

Naked & Famous Skinnyguy Deep Indigo

If you like wearing very thick, heavy jeans and you want to replace your old APC, my suggestion is to think about Naked & Famous denim. Actually, I was in this exact situation and my research lead me to N&F, a brand proposing jeans at market prices and which products are made halfway between Japan and Canada.

Deep indigo selvegde denim is a right hand one, it has been indigo dyed two times then sanforized (preshrinked). When I was telling you about heavy, it meant 15oz, very rigid as it could amost stand. Fading will take a bit longer than any other classic raw denim but it’ll surely render greatly. The skinnyguy has a slim/skinny leg with a regular rise, I picked them true to size, because I could even not fasten the last button sizing them down. Bit of an advice, such a rigidity would hurt your hips at the beginning, feeling like the jeans’ waist is cutting them up! No pain no gain (like one would say)…