Monday, September 19, 2011

Carzor Razor

Here in our French Truck we think about every gentlemen in every special occasion. This is why I’m introducing you a solution for the kind of moment that we’ve all already experienced. Who has never been traveling and found himself in this position where he extremely needed to shave off his tree-days growth and of course did not carry his razor in his handbag? (It happens to me all the time!) We have your future solution: it is called Carzor. This is basically a credit-card sized razor plus a mirror in one item. The blades are stored safely behind the mirror and you can choose the scent of your rescuer between mint, orange, lemon, ocean or sandal. Now, just find a bathroom, and if you’re lucky, a shaving cream. Then you can thank us for this treasure, kiss your next date or shake the hand of your next boss ;)

$12 ($17) from Infmetry