Monday, September 19, 2011

Rag & Bone Raw Jeans

As I am seriously considering to wash my APC Petit Standard after wearing them during 14 months (I’ll put some picks on tumblr), I am starting to peep some new pair of raw jeans to replace them. I just came across those Rag & Bone selvedge ones, and they might be a good option to consider. Just like Oki-ni says : “there is nothing unusual or quirky about these jeans, they just get the essentials 100% right”, here is what we should all look for when getting some raw jeans. Slim legs, selvedge denim, contrasting stitchings, the features are quite similar to my APC’s and on top of that, Rag & Bone makes them in the USA.

£165 from Oki-ni

Carzor Razor

Here in our French Truck we think about every gentlemen in every special occasion. This is why I’m introducing you a solution for the kind of moment that we’ve all already experienced. Who has never been traveling and found himself in this position where he extremely needed to shave off his tree-days growth and of course did not carry his razor in his handbag? (It happens to me all the time!) We have your future solution: it is called Carzor. This is basically a credit-card sized razor plus a mirror in one item. The blades are stored safely behind the mirror and you can choose the scent of your rescuer between mint, orange, lemon, ocean or sandal. Now, just find a bathroom, and if you’re lucky, a shaving cream. Then you can thank us for this treasure, kiss your next date or shake the hand of your next boss ;)

$12 ($17) from Infmetry

Folk Tan Chinos

Let’s anticipate cold weathers before they sell out. Those loose-fitted chinos from Folk look awfully comfortable. First and foremost, because of their 100 coton corduroy construction, and then we can add their slightly tapered cut. Above all, details appealed us, lots of details… from the pockets; front and rear, from the waistband with a cool stitch and from the “Corozo nut” buttons. Another essential piece for the season to wear in a workwear outfit.

£139 from Kiosk 78
€158 from Six Whiting Street

Original Penguin Chinos

Red-colored pants are not only for reckless rockers. If you are still not fully convinced, check the new brushed cotton chino from Original Penguin. True to the iconic ‘50s American style, this model has been reconsidered with a slim fit to the leg and tailored darts. The color is certainly a challenge for your cloakroom but it is also the best asset of this chino. So pass over your decency and avoid common autumnal combo – khaki and grey. Mix preferably these pants with dark blue shoes and sky blue shirt. Will you dare ?

£70 from Asos