Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Buy a Fitted Suit 2011 Tips

 A nice fitted suit can be perfect for any man to wear. A good fitted suit will be suitable for all sorts of formal or business occasions. Here are some things to see when looking to find a good fitted suit.

The fabrics on the fitted suit should be reviewed first. The fabric should be comfortable while featuring a weight that is useful for a man’s size. A larger man should be wearing a lighter fabric like wool. A slim man should have a heavy fabric like tweed. The goal of the fabric is to see that the man wearing the suit will not look too large or too small.

Also, it is best to focus on a solid color for the fitted suit. A larger man should wear dark colors. These colors can be slimming on the man’s body. A smaller man should do the opposite and wear lighter colors.

A pattern could be used but it should be limited to vertical stripes. Vertical stripes can feature a slimming effect on the body. They can also be used to create a longer appearance.

A single vent should be used. The single vent will create plenty of room for a man to move in. Using two vents is not recommended. Two vents can look unusual on a fitted suit.

The pants will need to be reviewed as well. The pants can feature a low rise to help elongate the torso. This will be especially beneficial for shorter men to use.