Thursday, November 11, 2010

Military Fashion for Guys 2011

This year, military fashion has gotten insanely popular—not only for gals, but also for guys. But the question is—what exactly does this entail? A coat is almost essential, especially a watch-coat. Make sure that your coat comes down past your knees. The colors that are most popular are khaki, grey, navy blue, and forest green. Pretty much anything that falls into the military category of colors fits in this category.
Pleated slacks are also fairly common for when you want to jazz things up. Pair them with a pair of black, shined dress shoes. For a shirt, choose a regular button-up and leave the top button unbuttoned for that rugged, yet neat look. Or button all the way up for something a little bit more clean cut.
Boots are in!
Boots are also fairly popular this year. You can wear them for pretty much any occasion and they also keep you warm and are perfect for any kind of weather.
The colors that are in this year mainly rotate around muted colors, such as khaki, navy blue, and green.

Also, remember that you don’t have to take these fashions and use them exactly as they are stated. You can take them and mix and match them and make them in to what you will. It only takes you a little bit of thought and effort to do this and in the end, the result is usually insanely pleasing! Just keep in mind that shorts don’t go with long jackets and you’re fine!

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