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Man Fashion Underwear: Gregg Homme's Behind the Scene

If you are wondering what happen behind the scene for mens fashion underwear, we are happy to share some of GREGG HOMME's latest photo shoot, Thierry Pepin and Francis Beauvais in action.
While Thierry has been taking part of major ad campaigns in top fashion magazines, Francis is fairly new to the fashion business and has been getting a lot of attention from all the underwear and swimwear fans around the globe.

Founded in 1987, GREGG HOMME is a Canadian brand of audacious and ground-breaking men’s fashion underwear, swimwear and clubwear. Through years of innovations and daring creations, GREGG HOMME has built an outstanding reputation for fabulous quality, exceptional design, and astonishing fit.

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DIY Fashion – Jeans into Shorts: A Student’s Dream

Any student across the world will tell you there is just one item in the whole world they need, and most importantly want. What is it? Money. Unless of course Mummy and Daddy are sending the butler round with weekly cheques from the mansion (trust me it happens), there comes a time in every student’s life where he or she finds themselves out of cash and feels as though they would do anything just to have Queen Elizabeth II beam up at them from those crisp notes once more.

It is no surprise then, that when a new season comes along, the fashion conscious amongst us find ourselves in a turmoil of emotions; torn between the excitement of getting a completely new summer wardrobe (even though last year’s is perfectly acceptable) and the ever-present loom of the dreaded minus figures in the bank. It was thus in between considering whether to sell my own body for money or someone else’s, that I decided I could save some beloved cash by just cutting up my old wardrobe.
How To Do It

I have been known to be a bit of a hoarder with my clothes, so luckily I have a few pairs of old jeans lying in the dark, dusty corners of the wardrobe, and today I decided to finally make use of them by turning them into shorts. At first I was a bit wary of cutting up my jeans, especially after hearing horror stories of friends ending up with one leg way longer than the other, or just a piece of frayed denim hanging off their waist Adam and Eve style, but desperate times call for desperate measures and I decided if done properly, I could be saving myself from having to buy expensive shorts this summer. And I am so glad I did. So here are my tips on how to DIY and turn your old wardrobe into a new, fresh one:
Choosing the jeans is important. Try and find an old pair with your desired look, and try and imagine them as shorts. If you think it will work, decide on the length you think will suit them most. I have chosen an old pair of stone-wash denim jeans and I’ve decided to go for an above-the-knee crop.
Always cut a few inches longer than your desired length. If you are going for my style you will need the extra fabric to create the roll-up, but even if you are going for a loose, frayed effect, it is always better to start off longer because once those jeans are cut, there’s no way of adding extra length to them.
It is best to decide on length when the jeans are on. Put them on and mark with a Biro where you want to start the cut (remember a few inches longer than the desired length). Take them off and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut as straight as possible starting from where you have marked them. Don’t worry if they look messy at first, this will be cleaned up later.
You now have several options depending on how you want the shorts to look once you are finished. For a simple roll-up as I have done, just roll twice to hide the messy lines. If they are too long and end up halfway down your knee, simply cut a little more fabric off. If you want a frayed, loose effect, then I find it is easier to cut with blunter scissors. Once cut, use the edge of the scissors or a sharp knife to fray the denim. Alternatively, if you know how, or know someone else that does, you can hem the shorts for a smarter look.
It’s now time to personalise. I have left my shorts pretty plain at this point, but there are several things you can do to add different looks. For a rough, worn effect (goes well with the frayed ends), use sand paper or a cheese grater to go up and down against the fabric and wear it down. For further personalisation, change the buttons or add more stitching to really make the jeans stand out. And voila! You have a new addition to your wardrobe.
My Denim Cut-Offs

Being the enthusiast that I am, and feeling like I was onto my own little project, I didn’t stop there. Using the leftover fabric from what I had cut away, I decided to experiment and try and create my own accessories. I had seen a bracelet in Oxford Street Topman the other week that was merely a piece of frayed denim cut for the nautical/beach look. So feeling inspired, I used the fabric I had left and cut about a centimetres width of fabric off of the bottom, ensuring it was fraying with my blunt scissors. Then I simply tied it round my wrist, using the knot as a focus point, and cut down the excess ends. Here is what I ended up with [below right], I feel it ‘ties’ up the outfit nicely! (Oh yes I said it).

So here are some images of how mine turned out:

And why stop there? You could create a neck-tie or ankle bracelet the same way, the possibilities are endless! Just don’t end up looking like the denim monster threw up all over you.
Outfit Inspiration

As always, here are a few images of how the guys on are rocking their very own cut-offs:

I hope this post was helpful and has inspired you to grab the scissors and get going on those old jeans. Happy cutting!
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Tom Bloomfield

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Oliver Sweeney for Harvey Nichols hi-top sneakers

i love my sneakers, and i am so thrilled when i came across these amazing sneakers from british shoe designer, oliver sweeney. from lanvin to alejandro ingelmo to christian louboutin to gucci's icon sneakers, and now oliver sweeney. the high end designer sneakers market seems to have gotten bigger and bigger.

i am so madly in love with the above white sneakers with red mock croc details. the fully leather lined sneakers are made in italy, and will be available exclusively at harvey nichols. each pair will retail for £225. a-maz-ing!!!

there's also this pair in mock lizard with black patent leather. i love textured leather, it makes the simple colorway look much more interesting.and being a big fan of suede shoes, i really really like this tri-colored hi-tops with a black suede body. this to me, is simple yet stylish, but maintaining that luxurious touch. i am really leaning towards this and the mock croc red.

i think the price point is really good, considering that this is a limited edition project made specially for london's premiere departmental store, harvey nichols. i am so checking these out this weekend.

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Man Fashion: Men's with Economy Fashion Style

Although we always discussed about the latest fashion trends in each season and review about all the fashion designers clothing in each and single Men Fashion Week runway, we do received some e-mail on how we can achieve men fashion style and yet take good care of our wallet too.


Well, today we would like to share these 3 simple man fashion tips on how you can have both side of the world.


Buy clothes only in Seasonless fabrics
DO stock up on those that can be worn nearly all 12 months of the year, like silks, lightweight wools and knits, and sturdy, unflimsy cottons. DON’T spend serious money on summer-only (linen) or winter-only (heavy tweed) fabrics.

Introduce yourself to the most useful accessory ever
DO play with belts to remake everything--a sweater, a dress, a jacket--in your closet. Gabrielle Union's look is perfection, right? DON'T attempt to cinch in lots of excess fabric. You'll look like a paper bag tied in the middle!


Own a few cardigans

DO make sure you have several of these always-right sweaters in tissue-thin cashmere or wool like Kate's, or a nice cotton. Wear them in place of jackets--they're a whole lot cheaper! Check out sales, but... DO realize it's OK not to wait for the markdown if you find a piece you love and will wear again and again and again. DON'T get so caught up in the fact that something's on sale for $7 that you squeeze yourself into a too-tight piece and say, "It fits!"

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The Tailored Shorts Look Book



So last week I featured some of the new tailored shorts collections and hopefully convinced you why you need a pair (or three) in your wardrobe this year. I have been a massive advocate of the changing landscape within menswear this year, as we see the shift of emphasis within the industry to a more refined casual look. Gone are the days of just using jeans in every outfit, and now we have a range of chinos and slim cut trousers in order to give our casual outfits an edge and a bit of sophistication. The same goes for colours; we now do not play it safe in every outfit by using indigo and black, males are utilising bold statement colours, pastels and even all white outfits, which as recent as a couple of years ago, would of been ridiculed. I think I will always class 2010 as the evolution of men’s fashion, with the collections being better than ever, males being more receptive to new styles and willing to push their personal style. In case you were wondering, I predicted this back at the turn of the year  .

Today we have another look book in our ever expanding series, and we are going to focus on tailored shorts. Like I have mentioned previously, I want you all to be able to build a timeless and versatile wardrobe this year that can be adapted to each trend as it comes to the forefront. We have done the Americana & Nautical trend look books, as well as a summer chinos look book so far, and what I hope you have noticed is that a lot of items we use can cross over and can multiple trends by just varying the surrounding pieces. Tailored shorts are no exception to this rule and can easily be substituted into the outfits we have already created using chinos, as well as being used within the Nautical and Americana trends which are extremely popular this year.

Not too big an introduction this time as I covered WHY these should be in your wardrobe last week. I would advise you all to take another look through the previous articles in this series though because many feature shorts within the outfits and you can also pretty much straight substitute the chino styles out for the same colour shorts:
Men’s Fashion Summer Essential – Tailored Shorts
The Spring/Summer Chino Look Book
The Men’s Nautical Trend Look Book
The Americana Trend Look Book

The Looks

Below you will find a collection of looks that we will be basing our outfits around today. I have done things a little different this time and grouped similar looks together on each row. The top row shows you how you can pull off a smart relaxed casual look this summer using key pieces such as blazers and shirts paired with your shorts. The second row shows a variety of casual looks which can simply be thrown on at the drop of a hat whenever the situation arises. These are very basic outfits which are perfect for bright summer days, but all look great despite their simple nature. The last row shows how we can go for a more extravagant look this year using bold coloured shorts such as deep blues, whites and pastel colours. Below you will find a description of what to keep in mind when creating each look and also I will recreate my particular favourite from each.


Image Credits: So this time we have outfits from, H&M SS10, Mango SS10 and COS SS10.

Outfit 1

The top row shows how you can make a sharp and tailored outfit using 3 basic items in your wardrobe. I have stressed it before but if it is a hot summers day you do not want to feel smothered by your clothing. I am all for layering, but in the coming months your outfits will need to be kept simple. The way you stand out is by using great fitting clothes and colours which coordinate well. You then inject your own flair by using accessories or key statement colours/pieces in your outfits.

So with this in mind all of these looks use tailored shorts, a plain shirt and a blazer to create the basis of the look. I am going to create an outfit which combines elements from each outfit. Personally I love the use of grey/blue shades, especially when creating a sharp look such as this. So I have started with the tailored shorts by Hugo Boss which really set the whole tone of the outfit… quality construction, clean lines and a beautiful light blue/grey base. They also have a really thin subtle stripe so we hit the whole nautical trend and means they can be paired with simple tees and deck shoes in order to create multiple looks.

For the shirt I think we should keep it really simple and crisp. The white shirt should always have presence within your wardrobe and is a key item that can be used over and over again to help create many different outfits. It always looks great on, and is a nice bright summer colour. It also means you can lose the blazer and roll up the sleeves on a hot day and still have a sharp look which hits the nautical trend.

Due to the fact we are going for a modified version of the Short Suit Trend, it means when picking a blazer we DO NOT have to pick an identical colour. In fact I would stay away from looking like you actually have a short suit on because it can quickly make your outfit appear “stuffy”, especially when mixed with a plain white shirt. Like Bruno said, less “matchy matchy”. With this in mind I have chosen to really make a statement with the bold blue blazer by Reiss. Again Reiss are synonymous with tailoring and producing high quality menswear so this will not stand out against the Hugo Boss shorts or let the outfit down. Due to the fact that both the shorts and blazer base colours are in the same family, it means they will coordinate when thrown on, but they will also contrast against each other. The white shirt anchors the outfit and keeps it so the blazer makes the statement.

What also helped pick this particular blazer was the fact that it had a top breast pocket. Obviously the pocket scarf is a real statement maker and allows you to show some personal flair. Now you can either play it safe and go with a pocket scarf which is in the same colour family (blues) OR go the opposite way and choose a colour which is a bolder contrast against the jacket. Due to the fact the shirt is white, it means that you do not have to match it to your shirt or tie like you might in formal situations, but just be aware of the jacket colour itself. So I have included a navy colour square below which will look great against light blue, and a white and pink mix square which will provide a great contrast against the blue (blue and pink look great together) but also coordinate with the white shirt. Picking a colour like pink or yellow will also show confidence in yourself and your appearance as they are seldom used colours.

For shoes you can really take your pick. I am not sure how trainers or canvas would work in an outfit like this because the other items are so refined, so I would stick to a great leather deck shoe, loafer or even sandal. Brown works particularly well with blue tones, but due to the nautical theme running through this look, I have chosen to use the white leather deck shoes because I know a lot of you will already own them and again they will provide versatility.


4 5 6

Remember you do not have to stick to this colour combination though, mix and match and find what works for YOU. You could use greys, blue, blacks and even beige or pastels to get a similar look. Keep it simple and clean and don’t forget about the details. By the way for those of you willing to really go bold then Topman and ASOS both do great versions of a pink blazer which as you can see in the image above, can really work:

87J50XPNK_normal image1xl

Outfit 2

So the second row of images shows some really stripped down casual looks which are perfect for summer. Here we are literally talking about pairing a simple shirt or tee with your tailored shorts. The way you stand out again is through matching your colours well, accessories OR fabric choices. The reason I mention fabric choices is because it is easy to just throw on shorts and a shirt, but the guy on the left has made himself stand out by using stone short shorts and mixing it with a denim shirt. The colour contrast is great, he has lost the belt and still made the outfit work by using different textures and a combination that 90% of other guys wouldn’t.

The second Outfit (same row middle) I like because it really doesn’t get any more simple than a white tee and tailored shorts, but the scoop neck adds a dimension to the outfit as well as the fact it looks like an oversized slouchy t-shirt. It is the subtle differences that set you apart and by tucking the t-shirt in it really reinforces the fact that he is wearing slim tailored shorts but is ironic at the same time due to the tee being slightly baggy and not as fitted. The use of a great belt, statement chain and sunglasses also rounds out the outfit nicely.

The look we are going to go for though is the dark rocker vibe on the right hand side. Just because it is summer it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style and be all “airy fairy” if you do have that rocker personality. It also shows that tailored shorts are versatile and can pull off different looks other than relaxed formal or “smart”.

So here is how we are going to get this look; start with the tailored black shorts which are fitted but maybe look for those which have a slightly more destroyed appearance or aged feel. Are we going to look anywhere but All Saints for these? I have showcased a great tailored pair in ink which have pleats but also a “crushed” finish which gives us that destroyed/rocker look. Don’t be afraid to look at using drop crotch or something else a little more fashion forward in this look either. You can still have smart tailored shorts in drop crotch varieties and they would look just as good:

1 2 3

For the shirt again I think we should add an edge by using a denim variety in a dark wash. You could go for indigo, black or greys for this which is why I have again shown a selection. Just because you are going for an edgy look doesn’t mean you have to focus only on black. It would also be a good idea to have a faded wash or destroyed denim:

4 5 6

Round the look out with some lower cut military boots again in black or grey. I would try and really ram home the look with a distressed version:

7 8 9

To add some flair why not try a neck chain, leather bracelets or Gothic ring in order to really push the vibe and add some differential to other males:

10 11 12

Outfit 3

This row of images was designed to show you how to rock the bold coloured tailored shorts. Obviously we have some amazing statement blues as well as the really original yellow and white versions. You will find that with bold coloured shorts the key to getting the look right is to keep the top half more muted and let the shorts do the talking on their own. You do not need to match wild colours together in order to get attention, it comes across as contrived and try hard. Obviously you can go for whichever look fits your personality best, but the one I want to show you how to recreate today is the second one in from the left.

The reason I picked this outfit is because the bold blue shorts I think are an essential for this season. They work so well within the Americana, Nautical and French Riviera looks, and also just give you an upgrade over other males rocking the navy versions this year. That subtle difference will make you stand out on it’s own and that is the KEY to coming across as stylish and well put together. It is not a massive colour jump from the safety of your standard jean washes so everyone reading this should feel comfortable with giving it a try.

This isn’t the only reason I picked this outfit though. See how the guy in the image has muted his top half with a simple white v-neck tee and either a grey shirt or lightweight knit. Either can be worn during the summer period and have the sleeves rolled up for comfort. It also gives you the option to strip off this layer if you are hot and still have a statement outfit based on the bold coloured shorts. Both items are shown below in the picks and you can choose which suits your personal style best.

Here is where we get interesting though. The additional items which really set this outfit apart from every other guy wearing shorts, a tee and an over shirt happen to be the footwear and headwear. He has picked a navy boat shoe which coordinates but contrasts beautifully with the brighter blue shorts and also gives a subtle nod to the whole nautical trend. The choice of a light grey fedora or trilby is also an inspired choice. You may of heard me mention before that wearing a hat is a real statement maker about the amount of confidence you have in yourself and your personal style. 90% of other guys will not touch a hat like this and it means that you garner attention just by being different. It takes a confident male to receive this much attention and it will sub-consciously communicate this to others. Not only that but the lighter grey tone also coordinates with the darker grey top layer so again the whole outfit is put together with thought and precision.

13 14 15 16 17 18

Agree with us?
Thank you for reading this post, feel free to get involved below and let me know whether you agree or disagree with this story. Do you like the products selected? Have anything extra you would like to add? Add your comments and make yourself heard!

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Men’s style celebrated at amFAR Inspiration 2010

This just in: On June 3, 2010, men’s black tie fashion was the focus of a runway show at the star studded amFAR Inspiration charity gala in New York. Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabanna and Ralph Lauren were among the designers who contributed outfits for the show.

The gala is the first in a new event series celebrating all aspects of men’s style. amfAR Awards of Inspiration were presented to Ricky Martin and Jean-Paul Gaultier. Wilhemina Models sponsored a runway presentation of men’s designer looks inspired by the evening’s “Black Tie/Black Leather” theme, and the event raised more than $400,000 for AIDS research.

Men’s Style is giving back and the MSP team love this …from here