Friday, December 10, 2010

David Jensen for Yachtsman Spring Summer 2010/11

 Ad Campaign: Yachtsman
Season: Spring Summer 2010/11
Model: David Jensen |IMM, Angels & Demons|
Brazilian model David Jensen is the new face of Yachtsman Spring Summer 2010.11 advertising imagery.

Zanacco Spring Summer 2011

 I love these so much:

more products are in here

H&M Menswear Spring Summer 2011

some pictures from h&m spring summer 2011. at first glance, i really love the shots, but when you break it down, i find that i love the styling, the lighting and the casting of model ben hill who is such a great choice. beyond that, if there's anything i really like about the collection, it would be the shoes, loving both the purple and brown boots. hope it gets put into production, and that it looks decent on the shopfloor.

Gucci Cruise 2011 Cotton Tote Bag

not a lot of retailers do cruise collections for men, but gucci is one that consistently does it for the past few seasons. i find "cruise" to be really poncy, it's essentially pre-spring, a small collection to tide us over until the full spring summer collection arrives in stores around february to march.

i really like the whole look from above gucci's pre-spring 2011 collection. love the schoolboy blazer which is a classic, and i'm equally drawn to the cotton bag too. it looked like the perfect in between size when compared to a weekender or everyday bag. i honestly think it looks great, and i will get a lot of use out of it.
the lookbook pics above showed the bag with a shoulder strap as well as leather detailing on the sides. however these details are missing from the actual bag being put into production, which is quite a shame as those detailings really adds to it. in addition, the bag does look a little "ally capellino-ish", and not exactly impulsive-friendly when it's retailing at £745.

so a little yay, a little nay. still prefer the lookbook version.

Giorgio Armani 2011 Spring Summer Collection

The Giorgio Armani The collection was called Sun and the City with all about blue hues and gray, as always with Giorgio Armani the main focus of the collection was on emphasizing on jacket, low-buttoning, double-breasted ones seemed to be placing a new emphasis on the chest.
Here are some of our selection.


Men’s Street Style – December 2010

The Tale of the Tie, the Scarf & the ‘Kerchief.
Gents, the festive season is here and with it brings a reason to show some flourish in your styling. And where else to draw inspiration than from the Italians – the men of Milan to be specific.
Milanese men are products of their culture – daring, audacious, gallant and sometimes cocky – and why shouldn’t they be? They have a great heritage, a wonderful culture, a history steeped in the arts, the occasional foray into Empire building, a cuisine that’s heralded worldwide, and a very sexy language in which to express pride in the land of their birth.
All this poise shows clearly, especially in their wardrobe. Don’t we love the Italian fashion sensibility! They’re unapologetic about colour and unabashedly flamboyant with their ties and scarfs.
Try it yourself this holiday season. Jazz up a navy jacket with a  yellow kerchief, crumpled with style and tucked into your jacket pocket. Throw a Burberry scarf over leather and match colours boldly – blue on blue, red on red.
Pick some out-of-the-world ties to enliven a formal outfit, mash together patterns and hues and if you’re in a confident mood, throw a silk scarf over an army jacket. Mix, match and release your inner matador!
And yeah, yeah, this IS the same website that featured an Aussie man scorning the scarf, but hey, if you can carry it off well, JUST DO IT!
Here at MenStylePower we’re great fans of the European style aesthetic – it’s so strongly masculine and brash yet unashamedly elegant, tasteful and modish. What class, what dazzle, what manly dash!