Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dolce & Gabanna’s 80′s Anthem

Not sure if I’m all up in the grill or that enthused about D&G’s Fall collection.
I’m a big fan of the brand, however because our MenStylePower aesthetic leans towards the elegance of Sean Connery rather than the shock value of Andy Warhol, I’m in 2 minds about how wearable pop culture is for the kind of men we talk to.
Am I boxing y’all in? Hope not.
That said, this collection breaks from the pack, bypasses the 70′s and hones right into the 80′s to deliver a candy-coated fall collection.
Going through the runway pics I feel like I’ve been blasted and assaulted with the ghosts of Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran, in a wild, superwonderfraggalicious dream complete with vibrant color, the spectre of Mickey Mouse and the Coca-Cola banshee.
This collection is all things MTV.

How to wear it?

Match the wool coats with denim and easy layered top sets. Throw on that crazy Coke jacket over slacks or pants, or tuck in a bright T under suit jackets. Try the oversize fur coat for that ‘entrance’ moment or the black fur lined jacket (see below) that’ll lift up any, and we mean any, old and stale outfit on a cold day. If you can carry off carrot top jeans, DO IT and slam on those crazy coloured hi-tops for max effect.
Gents, for all their efforts to inject fun into menswear, we give D&G the ‘Mr Congeniality’ Award for Fall


D&G Spring ’11 – A Blast from the Past!

For their Spring 2011 collection  Dolce & Gabbana calls on label favorites, new and old for their latest lookbook that celebrates classic tailoring a la film greats like Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen.

Mens Trench Coats Trends 2011

Trench coats are one of those items of clothing that go in and out of style but never really change too much in terms of style and design. Even now, as they were over a hundred years ago, they are basically made with the same fibers, which are various types of cotton such as gabardine. These coats aren’t as warm as those made with wool fibers but they can be waterproofed to make them more practical for many types of weather.
Classic Burberry Trench Coat by Nordstrom $499.90

For the trends of trench coats today, a person will not only find the basic light brown, but a wide variety of colors to suit the taste. There are browns, grays, blacks, blues, oranges, greens and so on. Some are more conservative in the color schemes while some are more artistic. The buttons and pockets are in basically the same place as the always have been except for the few more extravagant trench coats on the market. Not all of the trench coats are pretreated to be waterproof so that is something to watch out for but for the coats that haven’t been treated then it is possible to get it done after the coat is purchased.
Individuals who don’t want to follow the classic trench coat trend with the cotton fibers can opt now for the leather trench coats. This trend isn’t in full swing as of yet but they are becoming more popular. They are warm and they are weather proof when treated correctly. This weather proof treatment can be done at home with the sprays or waxes without much hassle. This type of coat is an excellent alternative to the cotton trench coat.