Monday, January 24, 2011

Adidas German Army Trainers

German Army Trainers (GAT) were worn during the 1970′s by German army troops as training shoes. It looks they are being reintroduced into fashion by some designers like Maison Martin Margiela. Those ones are from Adidas Originals, which has a knack to make legendary models revive. GAT are generally presented in beige, this customized version is offering a nice style thanks to a good choice of color : black body, grey rubber sole, white tongue and a cool yellow lining. GATs weren’t my thing before seeing them, my mind is changing slowly as I’m now thinking about grabbing a pair.

£50 from Oki-ni

Mens Fashion Week: Dsquared Fall 2011 Collection

 Leather pants, wing-tip boots, plaid shirts, denim, tight-cut suit coats in black. The Canadian designers Dean and Dan Caten brave the cold in their latest collection based on the rough and ready life of early American settlers.
 The twins behind the DSquared label brought up the curtain on their own winter menswear show Tuesday to reveal a snow-laden hut immersed in the mountains.The collection of reassembled work wear was built around the apron, which in fashion terms becomes a vest. Heavy leather belts, suspenders and pioneer hats accessorized the look. Jeans, low slung and in wool denim are a winter must.

[via a man fashion]

Topman S/S 2011

Topman’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection is a quality combination of lightweight layering pieces and simple summertime separates. Favorites include striped shorts, dip-dyed sweaters, and soft tanks. Some of the pieces could be worn now; others will have to be saved up for cruise time or springtime. Accessories include heavy rings, chains, cognac leather belts, and classic watches. [via modeman]

Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott 2011

Adidas Originals’ new Jeremy Scott looks are for the more daring of Adidas fans, with shirts like “Tofu Guys Don’t Eat Meat” and plenty of exaggerated silhouettes such as wide-sleeve coats, loose pants, baggy shorts, and long cardigans. You can find a radical piece to blend in with your classic wardrobe, but the more extreme collab selections are strictly for daring dressers. [via hypebeast]

Dr. Martens Langley Boots

 Dr. Martens, perhaps you should stick to your more traditional-style footwear? The newest Langley Boot from Dr. Martens has a hybrid desert design, but the sole is puffed-up and contoured. With noticeable stitching and hard-to-miss contrast outsoles, these Dr. Martens have departed from the British bootmaker’s tradition to aim for a more unusual look. Would you deem it successful? [via hypebeast]

How to wear tailoring without a suit

A jacket like this but, you know, well made

Suits don’t necessarily fit into everyone’s day-to-day life. For some, in an office full of corporate lawyers, a suit is a necessity and a uniform. It is almost harder to take an interest in clothing that is imposed on you in this way. For other men, the barrier to developing a sartorial interest is the lack of suits in the office. Dressing up when everyone else is dressed down will draw attention; not everyone wants that kind of attention. Trying to show off? Who do you think you are? You’re not impressing anyone you know.

My advice is, dressing well is a question of degrees. So take what your peers wear and up it a notch.
My brother works in advertising. The dress is extremely relaxed. When the Ashes are on TV, and music plays continuously when there isn’t a suitable sporting event, the attitude to attire is unlikely to be strict. I’m not sure it’s encouraged to wear shorts in the summer, but it isn’t forbidden. Mad Men it ain’t.

A suit, shirt and tie would certainly be out of place. But there remain many sartorial possibilities. The key items to dressing well (and, let’s face it, the routes to the most pleasure) are jackets and shoes. So let’s put our hypothetical advertising executive in a light grey, herringbone jacket and brown cap-toe Oxfords. He can wear a bespoke shirt if he wants – precisely ironed, windsor collar – or an old, beaten-up favourite from Brooks Brothers. It doesn’t matter really: as long as he wears the jacket most of the time, its sculpted, flattering lines will make him look good without showing off. He can also wear jeans, preferably in a straight or narrow cut, in order not to distract from the tailoring above the waist, but otherwise of a make and price tag of his choosing. The legs will be perfectly finished off by the cap-toes, which will be benchmade in England, perhaps even bespoke, and so suggest sophistication with the turn of their waist and angled heel. All without shouting.

Bespoke is best, but the bald fact is that any thought put into clothing today will stand out. If not bespoke, then made to measure. If not MTM, then at least a ready made suit with a handful of adjustments. To sculpt the waist and bring the sleeves up to the correct length. As to the shoes, start with something well-made and move up one step at a time. If you’re in the US, begin with a nice pair of cordovan Aldens. Then perhaps something English, an Edward Green. Finally, turn to the masters of bespoke when tastes and wallet have expanded to that point.

The point is, this man would appear casual, relaxed in any office short of an Australian surfing-tour company. You don’t need to wear a suit and tie to be well put-together. You just need an attachment to the classics of style and, most of all, to fit.

Oh, and one last suggestion: rather than wear something that shows off, like a flowery pocket handkerchief, add a cardigan underneath the jacket in a dark colour like navy. It flatters in just the same way as a waistcoat, but doesn’t look cheap (all waistcoats do unless they are tailored – it’s just impossible to make something fitting that close to the skin in a standard model). [via stylecrave]

Spellbound Jeans S/S 2011

Denim Geek loves Spellbound Jeans, and so do we. These designer jeans are available in classic washes and cuts–with quality button flys, too–and you’ll see that checked and chambray shirts round out the 2011 collection well. For those with a taste for military inspiration, you’ll find Spellbound Jeans’ S/S 2011 collection to be a good spring resource. Button-ups, vests, jackets, and jeans are all part of Spellbound’s newest pieces, currently at Capsule in Paris. [via denim geek]

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011

One of Dolce & Gabbana’s spring 2011 campaign shots is out–what do you think? The campaign’s black and white leading image has a solarized glow to it, which makes every wrinkle, every rip, and every crease stand out. Add water reflection hitting jeans, skin, and overshirts, and you have a shot that’s temporarily captivating, if nothing else. But is it memorable? We need to see more from Dolce & Gabbana to make a final decision about their campaign shots [via the fashionisto]

Style Icon: Zac Efron Latest Haircuts

 Zac Efron is consistently switching up his hair cut, and I love it. He hands down does one of the best job of stylishly changing up his hair compared to other famous celebs with his hair type. Zac's new hairstyle is a simple, clean tapered/crew cut, which is very different from his last cut. I wonder if he's playing in an army movie or something? That would possibly explain the total opposite new look.
 Zac's mid to end of 2010 hair cut. This was one of my favorite looks from him… with the full beard and mustache — it was very masculine, but in a more polished than scruffy way (which I liked). I honestly thought he would keep this look all winter.

2011 Casual Styling Tips for Men

 There are many different ways of wearing the casual style and some of them are better than others. A person, while wanting to look casual doesn’t have to wear the oversized pants and shirts even if they just want to be comfortable. There are other ways of having the casual style and it can look fabulous.

One of the keys of the casual style looking great is in the fit of the clothes. It doesn’t matter if it is the shirt or the pants, but they should fit the body properly. Loose fit is okay but they shouldn’t be oversized. They should hug the body while not being too tight. The curves of the man’s body are much different than the woman’s body but the clothes that are made to fit right look great.

Keeping the outfit simple is also important. There are times when it might be tempting to add various accessories to the outfit even though it is supposed to be casual. Wearing simply pants and a shirt with a belt is a nice casual look. For the colder months, a cardigan or a jumper looks great. With the new trends that are out for 2011, the body hugging clothes make a man look and feel great while not having to make the process difficult.

When a person thinks casual, they might think boring, but by adding various colors or prints to the outfit (but keeping it to a minimum of three different ones) a person can make the outfit much more interesting. It is a wonderful way to change things up a bit while remaining casual.

How to Buy a Fitted Suit 2011 Tips

 A nice fitted suit can be perfect for any man to wear. A good fitted suit will be suitable for all sorts of formal or business occasions. Here are some things to see when looking to find a good fitted suit.

The fabrics on the fitted suit should be reviewed first. The fabric should be comfortable while featuring a weight that is useful for a man’s size. A larger man should be wearing a lighter fabric like wool. A slim man should have a heavy fabric like tweed. The goal of the fabric is to see that the man wearing the suit will not look too large or too small.

Also, it is best to focus on a solid color for the fitted suit. A larger man should wear dark colors. These colors can be slimming on the man’s body. A smaller man should do the opposite and wear lighter colors.

A pattern could be used but it should be limited to vertical stripes. Vertical stripes can feature a slimming effect on the body. They can also be used to create a longer appearance.

A single vent should be used. The single vent will create plenty of room for a man to move in. Using two vents is not recommended. Two vents can look unusual on a fitted suit.

The pants will need to be reviewed as well. The pants can feature a low rise to help elongate the torso. This will be especially beneficial for shorter men to use.