Saturday, November 13, 2010

Youth Loves Black, 2011 Color Trends for Men

Young men still dress all in black. This seems to be a universal style for young men all over the world. It can be a punk black or a cool jazz kind of black or just a grunge black. It includes black jeans, black hoodies, black tee shirts and black sneakers. The hair is sometimes dyed black with black spikes in it. But it is black. Sometimes though they wear a black and white patterned cardigan or hoody. It can be a jacquard print or more likely black and white skulls or lightening bolts.

But not all young men wear all black. There is some canvas and of course the blue jeans that remain popular. But these jeans are often quite ripped and worn. And camo makes it appearance with young men too. Not full camo hunting gear but camo print canvas shoes or a camo tee shirt or cap.

Another teen look for males is the frayed lived in look. Teens seem to be in love with jeans and tops that are ragged or have holes or even paint spots on them. They want them to look used not brand new. Faded glory is what it is about.

Cargo pants seem to be a perennial style along with polo shirts. These and skinny low cut jeans remain strong for teen males. Vans and similar shoes along with the popular Converse is a style of footwear that also stays around for teen males. Logo tee shirts or those with graphics stay popular too.