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Fresh Meat; we do-liver.

Consumers will always feel the need for DAILY LUBRICANTS: products that make their lives simpler and easier. Of course, brands will forever be happy to oblige. Moving our focus from fashion for just one moment, the Stylemeister and I, in discussing big men’s clothing, realised that we need to fashion the insides of our bodies as well. We’ve talked a lot about the attitude you need to adapt to be successful. We’ve spoken about the inner man and the return of the ‘gentleman’ and now, let’s talk about issues that will always be at the back of our minds when it comes to our healthy eating habits.

A very high percentage of us, cannot see our naughty bits when we stand on the scales and stare blankly at the double digit number (hopefully) being pointed to by that red coloured needle. Sad but true. We get to a certain age and the waist starts to go. And it doesn’t matter how much exercise we’ve done in the past. How brilliant we were at cricket, footy, soccer or tennis – if we don’t marry food and exercise in a sensible manner, we’re screwed; just like the Hoff!

We’ve been told over and over that 5 servings of vegies and fruits is a must for a healthy strong body. But I’ve spoken to lots of blokes that have said, they don’t like salad, they don’t like zucchini, don’t think much about the soap tasting avocado or the humble banana. So what is the one thing, that blokes do like?… Meat.

Meat. The ultimate protein, is a must. I cannot imagine life without it. Those summer days congregating around the 12 burner BBQ, with 2 metre tongs in hand, blue and white apron carelessly draped around my neck, and a Budweiser, cold and refreshing. Ahhhh, those are the days. And to make things all the most dreamy, check out the latest and greatest butcher you have ever seen in your life!!

Victor Churchill – you are a king! Beef, award winning, world class Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu, Free Range Poultry, Kurobuta Berkshire Pork, New Zealand Venison and Castricum Lamb are all from this fine family butcher. I FIRST sampled Full Blood Wagyu beef at a swanky Japanese restaurant in London (when someone else was footing the bill). The melt-in-your-mouth meat is impossibly tender, thanks to the top-secret techniques used to rear the animals in Japan (bovine massage and a diet of beer are rumoured to be involved). Once you’ve tried it, munching on a slab of Aberdeen Angus is like chewing a carpet tile by comparison. Victor Churchill Butcher is a must see, must try, must buy to impress all that are at your next BBQ.

If you have a question, Victor Churchill has an interative website that answers every and any question that you might have regarding meat. Outstanding! So there’s no need to feel self-conscious if you don’t know your cuts. All of Churchill’s staff are there to help you. Check out this link to the smiling faces of the honest butchers there to assist you if you do go and visit. Dedicated staff members who are out of bed before the sun is up, turning on the lights and filling fridges at Victor Churchill’s with delicious treats and checking on the dry aging meats. All for you! And if that’s not all….once you’ve felt absolute appreciation for your butcher, they will package your Sunday roast pork, with packaging specially imported from Europe to ensure that every cut of meat is treated with the utmost care. You will walk out of that butcher as proud as punch, swinging your custom-made bag full of flesh, like you’re walking out of Gucci.

Victor Churchill Staff

So a little history. The name, “Victor Churchill” is a tribute to the Churchill family and to Victor Puharich, a master butcher. Victor and Anthony Puharich the founders of Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, Australia’s largest meat wholesaler of premium meats, have become the fourth owners of the butcher shop in its 133-year history.

With the interior designed by Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia, the store is quite unlike any butcher store in Australia. Gone are the traditional refrigerated cabinets and parsley dressed meats, replaced with a store infused with European style. Rich timber wall panelling, timber beamed ceiling and Italian Calacatta marble stone floor, Himlayian salt brick walls create the new interior of Victor Churchill.

We love it, we’ve been there, we’ve seen, and now we’re cooking!

Selling a Dream of Elegance and the Good Life

On a daily basis, I tend to open a glossy magazine and enjoy flicking through its high quality pages to view the latest collections from designers, home wares, houses, holidays, motorbikes, restaurants, yachts and the like. Today, something caught my eye. By surprise.

On a stark white page stands a man. He’s dressed in an immaculate pin-striped suit of charcoal grey and white. A thin almost paper like looking pencil tie, and an American Indian belt buckle attached to the highest grade leather belt. A watch peeps out from under his rolled back white French cuffs, and he has a smouldering look in his eyes. So what. We’ve seen it before. But there is one ‘other’ thing I’ve not seen before. A wedding band.

I cannot tell you how long advertisers and designers have made sure that the scent of ‘marriage’ is nonexistent in making sure their brands look available to any target market of woman. And to allow the emancipation of that certain man who is aspiring to the ‘wild thing’ in his ego to look good and to feel desirable to women, even if they are married. Here, we see Ralph Lauren’s Black Label take on a more realistic, chivalrous, endearing, enchanting, heart-winning vision of a man in his suit donning his wedding band ‘claiming’ he has a woman, a wife, a soul mate.

As you’re all well aware, MenStylePower is all for enhancing the ‘inner man’ in our blogs and articles. We couldn’t be happier to see the reality that men ‘want’ to settle down in the latest folio of designs from Ralph Lauren. And I guess the reason why it’s so pronounced, is that Lauren himself has been married for a long time to Ricky Low-Beer and is also the father of three children, Andrew, David and Dylan.

Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx, New York. From a young age he started working after school to earn money to buy suits. How brilliant it is to hear that what you are to become, starts to cultivate itself in you from a very early age. (Guys without a clue, listen up!). Growing up, Lauren was known by his classmates for selling ties to his fellow students. In a moment of spontaneity, when asked what he wanted to do in his Clinton yearbook he stated under his picture that he wanted to be a millionaire! There was always a “constant urge to make something happen. He was always reaching for more.”

Lauren now oversees his empire and its 1,000 employees in a ten-floor warren of offices that occupy a narrow, pre-war building on Manhattan’s West 55th Street, about 15 blocks north of the hectic garment district. The decor of Lauren’s headquarters suggests the backstage of a theatre: cramped and slightly eccentric, with forest green walls and a bowl of M&M’s on a table in the reception room. Lauren’s personal office contains some of his favourite props: a wood-burning fireplace, a fleet of toy racing cars, family photographs and piles of fabric swatches. He often wears a studiedly scruffy uniform: a cotton work shirt faded Levi’s and well-worn cowboy boots. “This is who I am,” he claims. “You’ve got to be who you are.”

Lauren’s career has been award-winning, including in 2010, Ralph Lauren was decorated Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur by French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris. Although not a particularly good sketch artist, which was a must at the time of his commencement in Fashion, he knew how to put together a fashionable ensemble. “I would walk (into a room) and my clients would say, ‘I want what you are wearing.’ My instincts were there. I didn’t think I was a designer, but I had ideas.” In those days, garment company bosses generally called the shots in the fashion business, and American clothing designers were only beginning to achieve acceptance as entrepreneurs.

His Polo brand known today as the preppy English-tweed look it conveys did not get to be a million dollar empire because Lauren was lucky, nor because Lauren had an immaculate sense of style. Lauren not only had an innovative mind, but he also knew that packaging and presentation were of utmost importance — something he didn’t need to learn while studying for his business degree.

Well, for the man who was contracted to provide clothing styles for the movie, The Great Gatsby, one cannot argue that this man and his Empire is purely that of chivalry, completion and championship.

Ralph Lauren’s latest Black Label collection is a combination of Sean Connery-era James Bond. It’s not English and it’s not preppy, it’s just the man-about-town.

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Man Fashion: Common Silly Mistakes to Avoid in Mens Fashion

Some of us always been classified as special group of human being that are less fashion conscious by our opposite sex (except minority). Whether we like this statement or not, we do find some of the silly fashion mistakes that made by most of the men on the street. So we thought like share out just few with some of the readers here.

Novelty Tie? Come on, Pianos or guitars should never be depicted on a tie. We know Christmas is at the corner, but try to avoid anything with festive tag on to it.

Watch out for trousers! never be too short or too long. Rule of thumb is to rest hemlines of trousers on the laces of your shoes.

Do you still notice some suit with label on sleeve? Remove this unecessary label from the blazer of your suit immediately. We are not full models for fashion designers, we should be judge by the look and style, not by the brand! :)

Watch out for our next review on common silly mistakes in men fashion.
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5 Ways for Men to Dress Slimmer

Larger guys can easily give the impression of being much thinner than they are, simply by wearing certain clothes.
And the Jacamo plus size mens clothing range has plenty of items to choose from that will result in a genuinely slimming effect.

 Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right Jacamo plus size mens clothing.

There is a golden rule with wearing stripes... Horizontal: No. Vertical: Yes.
Vertical stripes will make your silhouette look longer and slimmer.

Horizontal stripes, however, will have the opposite effect and make anyone look larger than they are...

A single-breasted jacket will make you look far slimmer than a double-breasted one; this is because people’s eyes will automatically focus on the centre point.

Also, try to avoid jackets or blazers that are double-vented as this will draw unnecessary attention to your bottom!

NEVER try and squeeze into a size that is too small!
Wearing clothing that is overly tight will look terrible and you will feel very self-conscious.

Belts are a very important accessory!
You should always wear one as it will hold your waistline and ensure that your trousers hang correctly!

Wearing contrasting colours will immediately draw attention to the joins between your clothes, i.e. your stomach...
Stick to shades that are more similar to one another.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Giveaway: From CSN Stores

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Youth Loves Black, 2011 Color Trends for Men

Young men still dress all in black. This seems to be a universal style for young men all over the world. It can be a punk black or a cool jazz kind of black or just a grunge black. It includes black jeans, black hoodies, black tee shirts and black sneakers. The hair is sometimes dyed black with black spikes in it. But it is black. Sometimes though they wear a black and white patterned cardigan or hoody. It can be a jacquard print or more likely black and white skulls or lightening bolts.

But not all young men wear all black. There is some canvas and of course the blue jeans that remain popular. But these jeans are often quite ripped and worn. And camo makes it appearance with young men too. Not full camo hunting gear but camo print canvas shoes or a camo tee shirt or cap.

Another teen look for males is the frayed lived in look. Teens seem to be in love with jeans and tops that are ragged or have holes or even paint spots on them. They want them to look used not brand new. Faded glory is what it is about.

Cargo pants seem to be a perennial style along with polo shirts. These and skinny low cut jeans remain strong for teen males. Vans and similar shoes along with the popular Converse is a style of footwear that also stays around for teen males. Logo tee shirts or those with graphics stay popular too.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Military Fashion for Guys 2011

This year, military fashion has gotten insanely popular—not only for gals, but also for guys. But the question is—what exactly does this entail? A coat is almost essential, especially a watch-coat. Make sure that your coat comes down past your knees. The colors that are most popular are khaki, grey, navy blue, and forest green. Pretty much anything that falls into the military category of colors fits in this category.
Pleated slacks are also fairly common for when you want to jazz things up. Pair them with a pair of black, shined dress shoes. For a shirt, choose a regular button-up and leave the top button unbuttoned for that rugged, yet neat look. Or button all the way up for something a little bit more clean cut.
Boots are in!
Boots are also fairly popular this year. You can wear them for pretty much any occasion and they also keep you warm and are perfect for any kind of weather.
The colors that are in this year mainly rotate around muted colors, such as khaki, navy blue, and green.

Also, remember that you don’t have to take these fashions and use them exactly as they are stated. You can take them and mix and match them and make them in to what you will. It only takes you a little bit of thought and effort to do this and in the end, the result is usually insanely pleasing! Just keep in mind that shorts don’t go with long jackets and you’re fine!

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2011 Casual Style for Men

Casual style for men has changed a bit from when you guys were little. But the question is, how exactly should men dress casually nowadays? First of all, tee-shirts are a must. However, you can also incorporate button up shirts into your wardrobe as well. The point? You have a lot more options than you might think when it comes to the choices you make wardrobe wise.
Shirts with graphics are pretty popular as are shirts with catchy phrases. Shirts that have vulgar terms are “in” but they usually don’t get a good reception with the ladies.
Jeans are still in style. Dark jeans are more popular now then regular baby blue jeans. Whatever you do, however, do NOT WEAR JEGGINGS. These are aimed towards girls and are pretty much along the same lines of spandex as far as men wearing them goes.
Last, make sure that you properly clean and bleach your socks. This may sound a bit ridiculous, but the biggest fashion no-no is to have dirty, gross socks.
Once you have figured out what is considered “in style”, you can mix and match how you wish. Keep in mind that there are loads of stores online that you can purchase shirts from nowadays. Make sure that you only order from reputable, well-known shops that won’t cheat you.
After that, have fun with your clothes. The best part about casual fashion is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you actually have the right shoes, socks, etc. You can just take it and play!
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Exercises for Men to Build Muscles in 2011

Most men like to learn the secrets to building strong muscles. Men go to the gym to lift weights in a bid to build muscle and get the body that every woman dreams of in their men. Most people gain muscle in their middle age and decrease as they age. Men can do exercises to help them build muscles. This makes them strong and also gives them balance. You can also move with confidence when you have well built muscles. Muscles give men an attractive appearance which attracts women.
There are many different exercises which men can do to gain muscles. You should go for workouts which involve muscle fiber. They are also known as compound exercises and they are very effective. These exercises include squats and dead lifts. You can also perform the military presses and snatches. You can use fitness equipments like barbells and dumbbells. They are good when you want to build muscles. All you need is patience and persistence. You have to know that you can not build muscles within a week. Give yourself time and you will see great results.
You need to know which exercises you should do before meals and after meals. You will achieve good results by combining healthy foods with the exercises. After hard workout, you must replenish your body. You also need to make sure that you rest properly. Sleep for more than six hours and you will build muscle you want.
You must try light weights and increase as your body gets used. Do this with supervision of a qualified fitness assistant. If you are not careful, you may end up hurting yourself instead of gaining muscles. Ask for help if you are not sure about the exercises. You also need to see your doctor before you start doing any exercises. This will ensure that your body is strong enough to withstand the exercises.
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Balmain Homme Fall Winter 2010 "Teddy" Jacket

 probably not a good picture, but nevermind. i admit i was very smitten by the gold buttoned peacoat in the same collection (on wishlist on the right...), but it was actually longer than what i expected, and i have a rather similar coat anyway. i love their take on the varsity-style jacket, i see this as a classic, and most probably getting better with age.

here's to a good investment piece.
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Szymon Zürn Fall Winter 2010

it seems a little strange and a little daring to go against the fashion grain by launching your new fall winter collection in november, right when most retailers are going through mid season reductions now. but maybe i'm not the only one to find it odd that i have to buy my winter clothing in the deep of the august summer when most fall winter collections are in store. perhaps being niche and independent does have your advantage. sweden based designer szymon zürn's fall winter 2010 collection will officially launch on his website/store on 1st november. right when the weather here gets chilly, and i'm thinking about winter coats...

it seems a little strange and a little daring to go against the fashion grain by launching your new fall winter collection in november, right when most retailers are going through mid season reductions now. but maybe i'm not the only one to find it odd that i have to buy my winter clothing in the deep of the august summer when most fall winter collections are in store. perhaps being niche and independent does have your advantage. sweden based designer szymon zürn's fall winter 2010 collection will officially launch on his website/store on 1st november. right when the weather here gets chilly, and i'm thinking about winter coats...
the good news (or perhaps bad, if you missed the boat) is, there are only 6 pieces made. the pre-order is limited between 25 oct 2010 to 12 nov 2010. prices upon application, but i would urge you to contact them for more information.

i think it's amazing and commendable that being a small and niche retailer they have an online store too. visit for more info.
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Hidetoshi Nakata at 3.1 Phillip Lim show in Beijing in 3.1 Phillip Lim

there's good clothes happening to bad people, and bad clothes happening to good people. can we have good clothes not happening to good people? to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the brand, phillip lim staged a special show in beijing this week. but whoever decided to style nakata head to toe in the fall winter 2010 runway look should be shot. nakata is an athelete, a ck underwear model, a clotheshorse, this really shouldn't happen. unfortunately he is screaming victim than trendsetter to me.

i still maintain my rule, that 99% of the male population should not attempt to do the belted look or the trousers in high boots look. and even more so, doing it together in one look.

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