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Secrets to a Great Six Pack

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all get rid of ab flab and sport a muscly six pack for the world to see? Or at least for your girl to bumpily run her fingers over? A six pack in six months? Oh, sweet joy. However, it’s easier said than done and ab crunches and exercises can get very boring, repetitive, tough and annoyingly slow to visibly shift any fat.
Help is now at hand … You no longer need torture yourself with thoughts of how hard it is and give up! MSP’s health guru has compiled the best possible info for you to: a) gain your six pack more effectively and, b) eat better to maintain your new hot physique (or at least the one you’re dreaming of).
A. The not-so-revolutionary method of staggered sets!!
Staggered sets are a method of exercising a stubborn body part or fitting in one because of time constraints. It’s been a time tested fitness strategy for decades and may end your ab-training quandary.
The idea is simple; in between a set of an exercise perform a set of an abdominal exercise. For example perform a set of bench presses followed by a set of crunches. After a brief rest perform another set of benches followed by another set of crunches. Keep this format up until you have completed all of you sets of presses and move to your next exercise. If your next exercise is pull-ups for example follow each set of pull-ups with leg raises until you have performed the required number of sets of pull-ups.

This type of workout keeps your heart rate elevated and by performing more work in the same amount of time you normally exercise, burns more calories.
You can incorporate a variety of abdominal exercise in your training and switch with each exercise. Crunches, leg raises, Russian twists and abdominal machines can all be incorporated in this program.
For the most part, you will not deplete your strength for other body parts by using this method, just remember to focus on the exercise at hand and not rush through your workout. In other words don’t look past one exercise to another.
Staggered sets can also be used for other body parts. If you have a problem developing your calves, you can perform a calf raise in between a set of curls or rows. The concept of staggered sets is to provide extra attention to a neglected or slow growing body part without staying in the gym longer than necessary. Here is a sample workout you can use as an example for an upper body workout:
Set 1:
Bench Press 12 reps
Crunches 25 reps
Bench Press 12 reps
Crunches 25 reps
Bench Press 12 reps
Crunches 25 reps
Set 2:
Pulldowns 10 reps
Leg Raises 20 reps
Pulldowns 10 reps
Leg Raises 20 reps
Pulldowns 10 reps
Leg Raises 20 reps
Set 3:
Shoulder Press 10 Reps
Twisting Crunches 20 reps
Shoulder Press 10 reps
Twisting Crunches 20 reps
Shoulder Press 10 reps
Twisting Crunches 20 reps
Set 4:
Curls 15 reps
Machine Crunches 15 reps
Curls 15 reps
Machine Crunches 15 reps
Curls 15 reps
Machine Crunches 15 reps
Set 5:
Dips 12 reps
Seated Knee Raises 25 reps
Dips 12 reps
Seated Knee Raises 25 reps
Dips 12 reps
Seated Knee Raises 25 reps
After this staggered set workout, you will stagger out of the gym one-step closer to that ripped midsection!
B. The Six Pack Meal Plan
Go for 4-5 meals a day. This will help tame the problem of overeating. If you starve yourself at breakfast, you’re going to hog out on lunches. So better you fill up the tank in small quantities as and when your body requires it. You don’t have to starve, but you have to optimize eating. The breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. Reason: Your daily activities will take care of the calories consumed at the breakfast. So your body will be fueled for your daily routine. Remember, it is not worth starving yourself and falling ill. The key is to eat right. And dinners should be kept a bit on the lighter side, as there is no activity for the body after dinner (except for a few insomniacs). If the calories consumed during dinner are not burnt (and they won’t be) they will be absorbed as fat. So remember, heavy breakfast, light lunch and lighter dinner. And throw in some snacks in between, from those given later in the article.
First let’s be very clear on what’s good and what’s bad for the six pack diet plan. For one, excess is certainly not good. Excess eating or excessive under-eating for that matter is going to work against you. One can’t go off fat. Unfortunately, fats are required for daily bodily processes and body needs to be supplied with those. Same goes for carbs. Overdoing the protein isn’t good thing either as protein isn’t very easy to digest.
Now that we’re clear on that, let’s define how much of what is required. Fats should be kept to their minimum requirement. On the other hand, you have to substitute carbs with protein and fiber. Yes. A good high fiber diet will help the metabolism and will help you feel full without adding any unnecessary calories.
And what foods are recommended in the six pack diet plan? Well, anything that comes in a pack or a can is better kept away. Processed foods generally have a lot more sugar than is required in a six pack diet plan. Also if you’re looking at cooking, stick to boiled and roasted foods, rather than fried foods. Fish and egg whites are the best thing for six pack diets. So pack your meals with tuna, salmon and even chicken. Sushi is supposed to be one of the best diet foods. Also you can add all those leafy vegetables and fruits which happen to be a good source of fiber and daily vitamins. A high fiber diet will also go a long way. But remember, not all fruits may be good for the diet. Among the tried and tested ones, raw apples are really good. You can also substitute the white bread with brown and white flour with whole grain flour. Other foods include oatmeal, whole grains and sprouts. I know it looks like a pretty raw deal, but with a bit of creativity and inventiveness, you can make the best of a bad deal. Club the spinach with roast chicken and brown bread to make a diet sandwich. To spruce up your oatmeal you can add prunes and raisins. Sugar free ice-cream once in a while is not bad either. Nuts and almonds make a pretty good mid-meal snack option. And yes, drink a lot of water.
Some things that are best avoided are packaged foods, soda, alcohol and sodium-rich foods. Red meat isn’t a good idea either. Watch the cheese and mayonnaise intake as well.
Typical Six Pack Abs Diet Plan – To get you started, here’s a sample meal plan you could follow:
8 am: Breakfast
- Egg white omelet, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast
11 am: Snack
- Turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread (NO cheese or mayo!!).
2 pm: Lunch -
 8 ounces of top round steak, 2 boiled red potatoes, 1 cup of cottage cheese (make it non-fat)
5 pm: Snack
- 1 chicken breast, 1 cup of steamed brown rice, 1 small salad.
8 pm: Dinner
- 8 ounces of fish (salmon/tuna), 2 cups of whole wheat pasta, 1 small salad.
So go ahead, WORK THAT BODY! And write to us when and if you get any results! If it doesn’t work, you just ain’t crunchin’ as hard as you need to!
The Stylemeister. (excerpted from ‘Less Fat in Less Time – Rich Fitter –
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The Best Summer Colours for Men!

Viktor & Rolf met while studying fashion & some would say a duo made in heaven, as the two look almost like identical twins separate at birth! So post graduation they began working together & relocated to Paris in 1993 to launch their careers. Rock on!
But before we get into the basis of their partnership, their latest collection for men is just WOW. Take sandstone linen suits, double breasted and striking and you have got yourself a winner. Match them back with gradient eyewear and sandals on a hot summers day & you’ll be pulling focus. V&R aren’t afraid to experiment with a little draw-string either. Some macho guys do like the finer detail no matter how small, and V&R are clever with this. Colours for summer include a latte drawstring pants with lemon chord, short-sleeved white cotton shirt matched back with a thin tie and wait for it, mushroom patent leather shoes. V&R’s leather jackets are in dessert sand, their cargo pants are khaki and sandals in tan. We love their use of royal blues against almost blue/grey cardigans as well as their blue suede shoes. Now don’t laugh, they are one of their best selling items. There must be some symbolic link to feeling like a King there!
As most designers do, the boys commenced their hard work designing shapes and silhouettes around a woman’s body. Basing their first collection ‘Hyères’ (1993) on distortion, reconstruction and layering won three prizes at the Salon Europeen des Jeunes Stylistes at the Festival International de Mode et de Photographie. These guys weren’t happy with settling with the mediocre or following the masses, they were keen to bulldoze down the yellow brick road of obscurity and subsequently their presentation of four collections in experimental art spaces led them in 1998 to show their first Haute Couture collection to outstanding applause. These guys meant business!
Viktor & Rolf launched their menswear line ‘Monsieur’ was in 2003, modelled entirely by Viktor & Rolf in a mirrored performance. The Viktor & Rolf range has since grown to include shoes, accessories and eyewear.
Viktor & Rolf have collaborated with a number of other well known brands including Samsonite(2009), Piper Heidsieck (2007) for the iconic upside down bottle and, in 2006, the line for high street chain H&M which greatly extended their appeal to the general public. The Stig is proud to say that he’s got some pieces!
Please enjoy their latest outfits – everything but Black, which I dig, because we all know the easiest colour to wear is the dark knight, but every now and then, a designer does lattes, creams and beige’s very well. Viktor & Rolf – rock on dudes!

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Style Icon: Chace Crawford

Editor Feature Introduction
Today we have the next edition in our style icons series. The theory behind these articles is that you are going to find a famous male who appeals to your sense of style. As we progress you will notice there are no distinct patterns in the people we choose, in fact Matthew and I have discussed trying to pick those males who are slightly under the radar when it comes to fashion and style, instead of the obvious choices like Mr. Beckham and Mr. Ford. This way we can hopefully show you a wide variety of different outfits and looks in order to give you some inspiration when it comes to you dressing yourself for any occasion.
Editor Opinion
So this week Matthew has chosen Chace Crawford. Just a few weeks after our Ed Westwick feature, we now have another one of the Gossip Girl cast flying onto our style radar, and for good reason. This is another young male who definitely knows how to put a sharp look together, and he is a shining example of the direction menswear has progressed this year.

His casual looks generally consist of clean lines, fitted garments, and simple timeless colours. I have not seen him experimenting with colours in too many photos, and his palette of choice is generally navy, black, white, grey, brown and beige. These are 
all colours that transcend seasons, which means they can be worn year after year and still look great and on trend. It also helps that they all mix beautifully well together and you can coordinate them all within your outfits so easily.
When it comes to styling his outfits are really so stripped down and simple. He mixes dark, slim denim, with simple shirts and polo shirts in order to really give off that relaxed formal look that has been so popular throughout this whole year with the influx of chinos and a more tailored approach to casual dressing. He is also a big fan of the tailored jacket in order to give his casual looks a bit of an edge and push the relaxed formal to a new level. Whether it is an unstructured blazer over a plain tee, or a great double breasted pea coat over an open collared shirt, his casual style is timeless and refined. Something that really appeals to my own personal way of dressing.
His formal style is also one which a lot of young males can learn from. For black tie events, he always looks pristine in his custom tailored suit – tailor adjustments are ALWAYS necessary guys, even for off the peg suits – mixed with the essential white shirt and tie/bow tie combination. If you do have a dress code, the key is to wear well fitting items in order to show you know about fashion, and then add subtle little touches like a pocket square or great watch in order to give you that differential.
When there is no dress code, you can do what Chace does and pair beautiful suits with simple plain monochrome t-shirts, open collar shirts (lose the tie and the top couple of buttons), or even a casual check shirt like he has done in the images below. This is a perfect look for the younger readers who are not quite ready for the whole “power dressing” ethos. Losing the shirt and tie combination will keep your formal style youthful and modern, whilst not losing any of the important style factor.
So Chace is by no means an innovator within men’s fashion, as he sticks to simple pieces in timeless colours for the majority of the outfits he creates. But that is his personal style and what he is comfortable in. We always try to preach about findingwhat works for YOU and wearing outfits that make you feel at your most confident. You don’t have to go out everyday in crazy colours or with bells and whistles on you in order to be classed as stylish or fashionable. Simple timeless style can serve you well whether you are young or old… and I think Chace proves this.
Matthew Introduction
My style icon for this week is one of my personal favourites of the celebrities I have lined up for you Fashionbeaners. I featured his co-star a couple of weeks ago, and this man is equally as stylish. This week, my style icon is American actor, Chace Crawford.
Like his co-star Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford is known for his role of Nate Archibald in the hit American drama Gossip Girl. Style wise, he is equally as well dressed off screen as he is on. On-screen, as he is always attending formal occasions with the lavish lifestyle he lives, he dresses up for the occasion using elegant clothing and timeless pieces such as tailored tuxedos and slim fitting suits. Quite often his formalwear consists of a black tailored suit with a fitted shirt underneath which has a couple of buttons undone. You might argue that his on-screen character looks the way he does because he is able to afford designer clothing – and yes it’s true he can – but you are able to look just as good by wearing high-street clothing that is a lot more affordable. There is nothing stopping you having high street suits adjusted and customised professionally at tailors, and they will end up looking twice as expensive when you have them on if they fit you like a glove.
Off screen, it seems he has taken dressing tips from the stylists, as his outfits are relatively similar to those on-screen. His casual-wear is often quite simple, yet smart, and he also knows how to dress up to the occasion. On a day to day basis, he often wears a polo shirt, tee, or an open collar plain shirt with dark slim jeans or chinos. In a recent interview, he said that he paying a lot more attention to the way he dresses, and developed a sense of style because of the role he plays in the hit American series. “I like Ralph Lauren Rugby, John Varvatos – he’s really bad-a*s – Diesel jeans, and I wear a slim-fitting, one-buttoned suit from Dolce and Gabbana. And I’m really getting into watches.”
I think the most important thing here is that Chace has found a style of dressing that works for him, his personalty and tastes. In the end it means he comes across confident and well dressed on any occasion. The beauty of it is that he does it in the most simplest of ways by picking timeless items and colours to pair together. It’s really easy to get this look, and it means that your wardrobe will always be on trend and ready for any occasion you throw at it. In my opinion, he appeals to the everyday male, and that’s what makes him a style icon.
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Autumn/Winter 2010 Men’s Fashion Trend – Shearling Jackets

Now as we step into September, it is time for all of us to look forward to the new trends that are going to be present throughout Autumn/Winter and see how we can incorporate them into our current wardrobe. You might need a complete revamp, or more likely you will just need to buy some key pieces which will keep your look up to date and fresh. So over the coming months, I am going to preview all the major trends that we will see within menswear throughout the rest of the year and into the start of next. I am going to try and approach them all without bias and just give you the facts, so you can make your own mind up and see if it is one you can incorporate into your personal style.
You should know that I take this site very seriously and read literally every style, fashion and lifestyle magazine you could possibly think of. I also do research online through the latest catwalk collections, as well as reading personal blogs related to fashion and the like. What this means is that I can spot strong trends which have a large backing within the fashion community, and those that are set to take off within the premium and high street retailers. Each year we are inundated with new trends which may develop, but more often than not, there are set strong trends that are given a twist each year (think military and nautical), and then some seasonal trends reported but which never come to fruition.
The first trend I am going to report this season is one that I am particularly fond of… Shearling Jackets.
The Shearling Trend
So first things first:
is a sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has gone through a limited shearing process to obtain a uniform depth of the wool fibres for a uniform look and feel.Wikipedia
So you know those fluffy sheep you see in the fields? Basically it is the sheepskin fur off their back which has undergone treatment and been used to line garments – typically outerwear through the collar and inside lining, in order to give you warmth and some very impressive detailing. The trend this year features jackets in all shapes, colours and materials, which are all set apart by the shearling lining. So you can find all your favourite types of jacket; from leather, to denim, to duffel coats and even the new camel overcoats all lined with this eye-catching detailing. It really is a statement maker, as you will see when you get to the catwalk images and product picks.
   All of the major publications have been reporting this trend in their Autumn/Winter previews and I think it is one that won’t be utilised on mass. This isn’t your typical easy to pull off check shirt trend or similar, it will only be picked up by those males who feel like it matches their personality and are confident enough to pull it off. This gives the trend a real air of exclusivity that I really love.

As you can see above, many of the major design powerhouses were backing this trend in their Autumn/Winter previews. The biggest of which was Burberry Prorsum (top row) who produced some amazing leather aviator jackets, lined with a darker beige coloured shearling. The contrast between the brown leather and shearling is absolutely beautiful, and it actually has the look and feel of quality. Don’t get me wrong, you will have to pay a lot for such an item, but if you have the money and are looking for an investment jacket this year, I think it will only get better with age.
Other designers of note who were pushing the trend: Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, John Varvatos, Prada, YSL, Marc Jacobs and Acne. You can see that is a pretty impressive list of names who are behind the trend, and they have all made high quality jackets that come with the price tag. It will be interesting to see if the high street follow and back this trend, because the real idealism behind the jackets is extravagance and quality. These jackets look amazing, and the high street will need to get the detailing and quality right for the price they produce them at. I would love to see Topman’s or River Island’s take on this trend for example.

How To Wear
This trend is definitely nostalgic, with roots within the outdoor working males (cowboys especially) who needed a rugged jacket and sheepskin lining to keep warm during the cold winter months. It also was more well known for use within pilot aviator jackets as the high altitude demanded clothing that would keep them warm. However this trend has been brought bang up to date with the use of more modern cuts and materials for the jackets themselves. You can get your hands on denim, leather, wool, moleskin and the like so the choice is really up to you.
My personal favourites are:
  • Leather or Aviator Shearling Jacket: Cropped near to the waist this jacket is great for just “throwing on” over your casual outfits. I can imagine such simple stripped down looks such as a plain white v-neck tee, dark jeans, brown military boots and brown leather shearling jacket being utilised. The shearling lining will be enough to keep you warm – even with such little clothing on – but will also allow it to be a real focal point and statement maker. You do not need anything else because it will come across as try hard. You could add a simple piece of knitwear over the top of your tee or simply swap it out for a plain shirt ala Burberry Prorsum (top right on catwalk images).
  • The Denim Shearling Jacket: Denim jackets made a big comeback this year in men’s fashion along with the denim shirt, so this is the logical next step. Again this is a coat that can be thrown on over any casual outfit, but I particularly like mixing denim with beige/camel chinos or grey trousers. It comes away from the whole double denim look, and adds some amazing contrast between your top and bottom half. Other key pieces to mix with the denim shearling would be the thick check/plaid overshirts and worker boots because you could really hit that whole “woodchopper” look on the head this season.
  • Camel Shearling Overcoat: Camel is going to be a big trend this Autumn/Winter (preview coming soon) so why not combine both trends and get yourself a real investment coat? It has a real sophistication to it and can be used over your suit for work, or in casual day time looks throughout winter. It will always be the focal point of your outfit, so by pairing it with a suit you will stand out from the crowd, and you can keep your casual outfits as simple as you like because no-one will look past the wonderful piece of craftsmanship that is on your back.
Lookbook.Nu Shearling
Only a couple of examples on their at the moment but here are 2 guys who have shearling jackets and have used them correctly. Look how stripped back the rest of the outfit is on each of them:

Shearling Jackets
So right now you will not find many shearling jackets online as a lot of retailers (especially high street) have yet to update their Autumn/Winter collections. However I have found some available for purchase today in a variety of styles:

How To Wear A Tux Part Two

The Tux Dilemma
So now that we have covered the reasons why you should at least be thinking about buying a tuxedo – and how to make sure you’ve got the right fit and style – we should now cover the disadvantages of the item. I’m talking about the fact that the times you will be out wearing your tux will probably be very minimal. When you are wearing it, it will feel amazing; a really stylish, rakish, awesome piece of battle armour. But the moment the party is over and you put it away at the very back of your wardrobe,then what? Sure you’ve got the three day hump of withdrawal symptoms and the times when you wear it around the house or when no one’s looking in the middle of the night, but realistically when will you next get some use out of such an expensive item of clothing?
Luckily, that’s where this article comes in. Because a tux isn’t just for Christmas you know? Who says you can’t wear it more often? Is there really something wrong with being the best dressed person in the room? I personally love the idea that people will be thinking I’m dressed as if I have somewhere more important to go next, even if it is three in the morning.

So, first things first, 
start wearing the jacket more often! The trousers of a tuxedo aren’t that unique to wear separate (unless they really are super-comfortable) but due to the lapels and contrasting material, the jacket can be a real key statement piece. The trick is to viewing it as just a blazer with a bit more detailing than normal. My favourite look is the one in the main image above (centre) featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and I regularly steal it. Use the tux jacket with a white shirt/black tie combination and throw on a v-neck jumper with some pattern or detailing over the top. Use dark jeans or grey suit trousers on your bottom half to give your outfit some Italian flare. Then again, it could be Claudia Schiffer that makes me like the photo so much?
Ways To Wear
But here are the two main ways to dress down a tuxedo with true style that are, as always, completely fool-proof:
  • Not a look that you should be wearing to your sister/brother-in-laws wedding, but for those friends of yours who are having the reception in their back garden, pair your tux (jacket and trousers) with a v-neck t-shirt and some classic trainers. Make sure to keep the tee in a neutral palate and the trainers (yup, you guessed it) should preferably be Adidas Stan Smith’s, Samba’s, or any lace versions of Lacoste if you want to go old school. Try to keep your accessories mutedas well, so a simple silver watch will do nicely.
  • Go for some contrast! Keep everything up top nice and traditional and then get more casual as you go down. Get yourself a well fitted white shirt – doesn’t need to be a tux shirt – and wear it with your tux jacket and matching tie. Then grab a pair of black jeans that you’ve been saving for the autumn and wear those with some shoes with a little flare, in my mind it’s a pair of black hi-tops I got from H&M that are extra shiny! Make sure your belt matches the shoes and that you’ve tied that tie yourself and you really are good to go for any occasion. Well, except maybe the pub.
So there you have it, a few ideas to get you started on the ways you can get a little bit more wear out of your tuxedo if you have decided that you fancy owning one. If you have any other ideas yourself or have some tips or styles that you use for your tux, then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below, we are all one big collaboration after all.

New Autumn 2010 ASOS Trend: Smart

ASOS have come up with a treat for us today. As one of the premier men’s clothing destinations on the internet they continue to reinvent and push their brand forward by producing great editorial, trend collections and look books. One of their featured Autumn Winter 2010/11 trends is called “Smart”, and it brings relaxed formal and tailoring to a new level.
Now some of you may be a little bored of the same ‘traditional tailoring’ trend every single Autumn/Winter, and yes, I’m one of them. But fear not, ASOS have come up with a trend that does involve classic tailoring, but with an added twist. It integrates into your current wardrobe seamlessly, and encourages you to buy timeless items to pair with the essentials you already own. That is the key to this trend, reusing items and providing a mix between casual and formal. For example, if you have an old denim shirt in your wardrobe from Spring/Summer, you can breathe new life into the item by buttoning it to the top and pairing it with a tailored jacket, and as you will see below, this is one of the key looks produced. In the end it means you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe like quite a lot of passing trends, which will save you money.

This trend is all about mixing and matching and clashing of styles. The key piece in the whole trend is the tailored jacket, which I hope all of you should own by now. Every modern male 
should have a blazer in their wardrobe which can be used in formal or casual outfits. It is a timeless item that will form the basis of many of your looks throughout this Autumn/Winter and so is classed as an investment piece. If you have yet to pick up a blazer, or are in the market for a new one, there are some great new examples on the horizon this season with modern features such as double breasted cuts, shawl collars, military detailing and much more. You really are going to be spoilt for choice this year as designers and the high street look to progress and get even better.
That is not to say blazers are the only styles which will rise to prominence. The peacoat, mac and trench jacket are always staples for the colder months and so you can definitely substitute these into your outfits seamlessly. As we have mentioned above you can mix your denim, checked or plaid shirts with sharp trousers and a mac, throw on your favourite knitted beanie with a plain white tee and tailored blazer or simply pair your favourite hi-tops or military boots with razor sharp slim trousers. The options are based around what you already own, and the trend aims to bring tailoring up-to-date and modern. This is not formal dressing, but adding some sharp style to your casual outfits.
There was a great look book produced by ASOS, so what I’m going to do is to go through five of my favourite looks and you can then hopefully gain some inspiration about how you can work your existing wardrobe into this trend. You may need to pick up a few new items, but if they are timeless tailoring pieces that will last, then they are a wise investment, not to mention versatile.
The Key Looks

Look 1
The first look I have gone for consists of a white shirt (could be a plain tee or grandad top though) under a double breasted tailored coat. Faint striped trousers mix well with the faint check on the coat. The addition of the loop neck scarf rounds off the look. Keep the tailored coat unbuttoned to show off the scarf and the contrast of the white under layer, which will also subtly highlight the stripe in the trouser.
Here are some key items that can be used to get this look:

Look 2
The second look consists of one major statement piece in the navy tailored mac. The layering underneath is where we can use existing items within the look – a crew neck jumper paired with a shirt gives the impression of formal (shirt with collar), but brings it up to date and clashes by leaving the shirt untucked. You will probably already own these items within your wardrobe, it is just a case of getting the colours to work together. The shades of blue running throughout this outfit is particularly great though. The shirt really does break up the outfit by injecting a lighter shade in order to differentiate between the trousers and jumper.
For the trousers they have gone for a deep blue colour which actually looks to have a little shine to them. Again this keeps the look modern and fresh, but I think you can easily sub in dark slim/skinny jeans here and still pull off the trend nicely. Shoes are kept simple and you could use navy, black or brown here. Same goes for the bag which is a great finishing touch.
Here are some key items to get this look: