Saturday, August 21, 2010

Men’s Street Style – August 2010

Here’s our pick of the latest and the best in fab, self-stylin from dudes struttin’ the streets of Tokyo, Sydney, New York, London, Copenhagen, Nairobi and the wide wide world.

Note that red bowties, blue suede shoes, battered lace ups and straight leg or skinny jeans are in, in, in!

(This collection comes from our own cameras, the wide wide world and web – a big shout out to Love your work!)
That bowtie caught The Stig of Style’s eye BIGTIME! Love that splash of hue & colour!!

This guy knows classic slick, style: Crisp white shirt and pale jeans and a great bod. Love them shoes and who’s your barber??!

Cobblestones and copper bikes in Copenhagen. God bless the Danes!

He wore blue velvet shoes and red pantaloons … nioce!!

Skinny jeans and the hottest shoes since … since … like forever!!
2 friends, a fedora, a cloth shopping bag, sand shoes, blue jeans, a stripe attack and Paris at 3pm. Mais oui, c’est bon!
“Let’s see, what do I have on today? A meeting with the investors, a beach bbq, I’ve got to walk the dog and then dinner’s on at Maxims!”
Grey, suede moccs and rolled up silk pants – well I never!! And I spot with my little eye another (deep maroon, can you see it?) bowtie! Yikes!

Blue shoe fetish reigns! Tie and sweater rules! Man bag sends us over the edge!

Iman’s “cousin” struts the streets in accents of red and black … it’s the “ish” dude!!

Thin. Waif-like. Hmmm. We’re not big fans of starving boys but we like this ‘Back to the Future’ stylin’ … eat man eat!!
The Stingo Collective kicks yet another solid issue out of the the water … the Kenyan laid back ‘Mombasa’ chic rocks the kazbah!
He’s the African wayfarer, the intrepid explorer, a man of the souk, the desert and the sand …

There’s nothing like the Japanese aesthetic, especially when mixed up with paint splotches and those patent leather thingamabobs!
From Tokyo central, that’s all folks!