Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Deodorants For Men from Davidoff 2010, 2011

“Nobody gets a second chance to leave a first impression.” is both well-spoken advice and the mantra of Zino Davidoff, the creator of the Davidoff line of fine men’s fragrancesZino Davidoff was an interesting man filled with good humor and patient insight. Russian born, he spent his life chasing his dreams and trying to live a long and happy life to it’s very fullest. Filled with life and laughter, he transferred all his energies and love of live into creating the many wonderful men’s fragrances that bear the Davidoff name. It doesn’t matter if you are enjoying the best men’s fragrances from Davidoff or just the best deodorants for men from Davidoff, if it’s from Davidoff you are in for a real treat!

Davidoff’s most famous line of men’s fragrances is his Cool Water line. Filled with icy aquatic notes that are sure to linger long in memory, Davidoff ’s Cool Water is prized for it’s cool and sweet lavender and orange blossom top notes, sharpening the scents of coriander and chilly peppermint training to a floral heart note overlying thick woods, amber and rich musk in it’s finish. In fact, the entire Cool Water line is like this with wonderful variations to create a crisp, clean scent for every taste. Meanwhile, for the man who prefers a delicate floral oriental scent to harmonize with his natural manly smell, Davidoff has Silver Shadow. Silver shadow’s gentle first impression of orange, coriander and cedar the blends into subtle heat with saffron and patchouli, fading to a masculine ending with sweet amber and hearty oakmoss. Looking for something hot and sensual? Then try Davidoff’s Hot Water. Hot water is the answer for the man who wants something totally different from cool water. Top notes of spicy red basil and sweet absinthe are heightened by red pimento. Heart notes of musky patchouli and sharp benzoin build up the heat to finish off this wonderful men’s fragrance. Hot or cold, Davidoff has a scent for you.
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